Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flickr updates

I have finished writing picture captions from Days Three & Four of the New England trip. Pics from those days have been divided into more specific sets on Flickr. The pictures are dispersed throughout the New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island collections.

I have also started writing captions from Day Five. I have finished placing the New Hampshire pictures from that day into specific highway sets.

A Flickr rant: it seems like every time I create a new collection for a state's road pictures, and I put it into alphabetical order, the alphabetical order of other collections gets messed up. I have tried several times to get it correct but I haven't got it figured out yet. It looks fine in the Organizr when I leave it but when I close the Organizr, the order gets messed up yet again. In summary: I do know how to sort the state collections in alphabetical order, but the Organizr has some issues when I create new collections.


Update: I think I figured out the Organizr...seems like I can only move one collection to a different location at a time. -ES

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