Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flickr updates & a short trip this weekend

Yes, I am still alive and well. I have just been keeping busy with everything else in life. In the process, I have uploaded some more "new-old" pictures from 2006. These pictures are from three mini-trips I did in May and July 2006. I have completed the captions for two sets from May and have started on the July set. After this is complete, I will upload some more 2006 pictures from January, February, and March. There will be some Kansas & Texas pictures included in those sets, but about 90% of the pics will be from Oklahoma.

This weekend (Sunday to be exact) will mark my wife & I's one year wedding anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, we are taking a trip to southeast Oklahoma, with a sidetrip in northeast Texas planned as well. I do plan on taking some pictures during this short trip.

If I remember, I will update the OKRoads picture of the week tonight. By the time I remembered to update it last week, it was already Friday, and here it is Tuesday and I still have not updated it, but hopefully that will change tonight.

San Diego Trip countdown - 67 days


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