Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day Three recap

We have made it to Worcester, MA, after 508 miles of driving today. We entered one new state, Rhode Island, and got pictures of I-95, I-295, U.S. 44, RI 4, and RI 146. Pictures will be uploaded to Flickr later tonight.

NY 390 North to Lake Ontario Parkway
NY 390 South to I-490
I-490 East to I-90
I-90 East to I-291
I-291 West to I-91
I-91 South to Basketball Hall of Fame
I-91 North to I-291
I-291 East to I-90
I-90 East to I-395
I-395 South to U.S. 44
U.S. 44 East to I-295
I-295 South to U.S. 6
U.S. 6 East to RI 10
RI 10 South to I-95
I-95 South to RI 4
I-95 North to I-295
I-295 North to RI 146
RI/MA 146 North to I-290
I-290 East to Worcester

Trip Log:
Departed Rochester, NY - 7:21 AM, mile 2025.1
Massachusetts Service Area - Lee, MA - 12:35 PM, mile 2316.8
Basketball Hall of Fame - Springfield, MA - 1:57 PM, mile 2365.9
Citgo - Webster, MA - 4:28 PM, mile 2428.2
Arrived Worcester, MA - 6:40 PM, mile 2533.2

Tomorrow's travels will take us to Providence, then to Fall River, Newport, Westerly, then back up I-95 through Providence to I-93 North to MA 3 South & U.S. 6 East to Provincetown, then back west on U.S. 6 & MA 25 to I-495 & Worcester. (Whew!) It looks like the weather will be great once again with sunny skies and highs in the 70s like it was today.


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