Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Clearview sign font is spreading throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. Within the past couple weeks, button copy signs on I-235 between I-40 and N. 36th Street have been replaced with Clearview signs. Also, button copy signs on Lake Hefner Parkway (OK 74) between I-44 and OK 3 West (NW Expressway) have also been replaced with Clearview. There are still a few button copy signs around the metro, but most of them are on the I-40 Crosstown section that will be replaced in the next few years. And we all know that when the new I-40 opens that the new signs will probably be in...Clearview. AAH!


yetti said...

The Muskogee Turnpike is completely Clearview now, with the possible exception of a wayward sign or two. It's hard to read at night. Down with Clearview!

Anonymous said...

Are the 35/40 Button shield still there or are they gone now, too?