Friday, April 9, 2010

Rocky Mountain High...Colorado (Plus a few other states)

Due to some unforseen circumstances, the Wyoming Trip, scheduled to take place May 29-June 1, has been renamed and expanded! The trip will now be known as the Rocky Mountain Roadtrip and will take place May 25-May 31.

We are no longer simply going to Wyoming. We have added Utah, Idaho, and Montana to the trip! This will be our first time to Utah & Colorado since June 2003, when we were in those states during the Deserts & Mountains Trip. This trip will also mark our first time to be in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. After this trip is complete, we will have been to 46 states! The trip route will be announced in late April or early May.

We are excited about this trip and are looking forward to getting pictures from 3 new states!


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