Saturday, February 6, 2010

OKC-Tahlequah recap

One week later than scheduled, I took a roadtrip today to Tahlequah. I am typing this from Muskogee, where I am staying the night. Pictures will be uploaded to Flickr when I return home tomorrow.

I-235 South to I-40 East to U.S. 69 North to U.S. 62 East to OK 10 North to Scenic U.S. 412 West to OK 82 South to Keys to OK 82 North & then back to Muskogee after sunset

A few notes from today's trip:
  • Signs on Interstate 40 between Interstate 35 North & the Oklahoma-Pottawattomie County line have been replaced. The new signs are in Clearview. I am glad these signs finally got replaced, as many of them have been around since the freeway was built. I am not so glad that they were replaced with Clearview, but I guess that is a "sign" of the times.
  • As part of the above sign replacement project, the error signs that said "Sunny Lane Road" instead of "Sunnylane Road" have been replaced. The new signs say the correct "Sunnylane Road".
  • An old button copy BGS, complete with a button copy OK 165 shield, remains in place on U.S. 62 East in Muskogee
  • OK 412A is not signed at all from either direction of Scenic U.S. 412.
  • The 4-way stop at Scenic U.S. 412 & OK 82 in Locust Grove has been replaced with a stoplight
  • OK 10 is not signed very well along its duplex with U.S. 62 in Cherokee County between the Cherokee-Muskogee County line and the Tahlequah bypass
  • The U.S. 62/U.S. 69 duplex in northwest Muskogee is now 7 lanes (3 lanes each direction + a center turn lane)
Tomorrow, we plan on driving home via OK 16, ALT U.S. 75, and OK 33.



US 71 said...

Does 412A exist at all anymore (ie is the road itself still posted)?

okroads said...

412A is still posted, but the only 412A shields have "END" tabs on them.

US 71 said...

I was in Muskogee yesterday (5-1-10) and the 165 button sign appears to have been removed. But the button "TULSA" sign at Chandler Road is still there.