Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upcoming Short Trips

Today's blog will cover 2 trips I plan to take the next 2 weekends (1 short trip & 1 medium-length trip by OKRoads standards). In my next blog, I will announce a Memorial Day Weekend roadtrip!

Tomorrow night, I will be leaving OKC on a 3-day trip to the Lubbock, TX area for a concert & for county collecting. I will be driving to Weatherford, OK tomorrow night, and then on to Lubbock & Post on Saturday, and then home on Sunday. This will be my 3rd time to be in Lubbock but the first time I have been there since April 2006, when I was there on two consecutive days. (On a related note, it seems like I only go to Lubbock every 4 years because the 1st time I went there was in July 2002)

Friday & Saturday:
I-40 West to I-27
I-27 South to Loop 289
Loop 289 East to U.S. 84
U.S. 84 East to Post
U.S. 84 West to Lubbock

U.S. 82 East to TX 6 (including Marsha Sharp Freeway)
TX 6 North to U.S. 287
U.S. 287 South to U.S. 283
U.S. 283 North to OK 6
OK 6 North to I-40
I-40 East to OKC

The new counties that will be collected this weekend are all in Texas, and they are Lynn, Garza, Dickens, King, and Foard counties.

On Sunday 2/28, I plan on taking a trip to Clinton, OK for another concert. This trip will just be along I-40, but if I have time, I may cover other roads in the area. Of course, this is weather permitting.

Next blog: Wyoming Trip announcement!


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