Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wyoming Trip Announcement

With 99 days left until the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, I am happy to announce the Wyoming Trip! The trip will take place on Memorial Day weekend (May 29-June 1) and will take us to our 44th state, Wyoming. This trip will also have a few sidetrips built in to see some college football stadiums (and also to go to a few extra counties).

Planned trip route: (subject to change)
I-35 North to I-135
I-135 North to U.S. 81
U.S. 81 North to U.S. 136
U.S. 136 East to U.S. 77
U.S. 77 North to I-80
I-80 West to Laramie, WY
I-80 East to I-25
I-25 South to U.S. 36
U.S. 36 West to Boulder
U.S. 36 East to I-25
I-25 South to U.S. 87
U.S. 87 South to I-40
I-40 East to OKC

This will not be the only big trip we will be taking this summer, as we are also planning our first trip to Michigan since May 2003. The dates for that are not set yet, but it will likely be in late June or early-mid July. The route is already planned, but I will hold off on announcing the route until a later date.


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