Sunday, December 27, 2009

San Antonio Trip Day 1

Day 1 of the San Antonio Trip is complete. We left OKC at about 8:30 this morning and made it to San Antonio at about 5:15 this afternoon. Skies were mostly cloudy from OKC to Davis, then mostly clear from Davis to San Antonio. The mostly sunny skies were nice to see, however, it also affected a lot of pictures. I had to delete a lot of pictures because my camera wanted to focus on the sun instead of the road sign! It was quite frustrating but I did the best I could. Sun angles this time of year are not very good for southbound travelers.

Pictures from Day 1 are currently being uploaded to Flickr.

Here is the current plan for the rest of the trip:
Day 2 (Monday 12/28):
Corpus Christi area
Victoria area (if time allows)

Day 3 (Tuesday 12/29):
San Antonio area (forecast calls for rain on this day so there may not be too much road coverage)

Day 4 (Wednesday 12/30):
Laredo area

Day 5 (Thursday 12/31):
San Antonio area

Day 6 (Friday 1/1):
Austin & New Braunfels area

Day 7 (Saturday 1/2):
San Antonio to Wichita Falls via I-10, U.S. 83, and U.S. 277

Day 8 (Sunday 1/3):
Wichita Falls to OKC via I-44


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