Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flickr updates

I just finished writing captions for pictures from the May 23, 2009 OKC-Warwick-Calvin roadtrip. I am about to start writing captions for pictures from May 24, 2009. This trip was only about 35 miles, though, and went from Calvin to McAlester, via U.S. 270 East & U.S. 69 South. Since the trip was so short, I will have the picture captions from that day completed shortly. These pictures were taken about 7:30-8:15 PM, so the camera flash was used for most of the pictures.

Pictures from 5/23 & 5/24 have been split up into the following pages:

U.S. 77 North - Oklahoma:

OK 66 East - Oklahoma:

OK 66 West - Oklahoma:

U.S. 177 South - Oklahoma:

U.S. 270 East - Oklahoma:

Some of my favorite pictures from May 23 (click on the photo for the description):




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