Sunday, June 21, 2009

OK 74A Decommissioned

Something I forgot to report from my roadtrip earlier today...

OK 74A has been decommissioned in Norman. The highway ran along Lindsey Street from Interstate 35, through the University of Oklahoma campus, to U.S. 77 (Classen Blvd.). With the rerouting of U.S. 77 along Tecumseh Road & 12th Avenue N.E., OK 74A has been removed from the state highway system. Signs along Interstate 35 reflect this decommissioning.

This comes as no surprise to me; I think OK 74A should've been decommissioned long ago IMHO. Especially considering that its parent highway was decommissioned in Cleveland County in the mid-1980s. OK 74 once ran near what present-day Interstate 35 from OK 9 to Robinson Street, then took westbound Robinson Street to 60th Avenue N.W., then followed that into Oklahoma City (where it becomes Western Avenue) until S.W. 29th Street (U.S. 62 & U.S. 277).

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