Monday, July 6, 2009

Flickr updates

I have finished writing captions for most of the pictures from Friday's (July 3) trip.

Route (this is slightly different from the route I had proposed):
Kilpatrick Turnpike East to I-35
I-35 North to U.S. 412
U.S. 412 East to LL Tisdale Parkway
LL Tisdale Parkway North to Gilcrease Expressway
Gilcrease Expressway East to OK 11
OK 11 East to I-244
I-244 East to I-44
I-44 East to U.S. 412
U.S. 412 East to I-540
I-540 South to U.S. 271
U.S. 271 South to OK 112
OK 112 South to Poteau

  • I drove the LL Tisdale Parkway & the Gilcrease Expressway in Tulsa, which weren't in the original plans. The first shield on the Gilcrease Expressway is a square, while the other two posted are circles (much like the LL Tisdale Parkway shields).
  • I-244 in downtown Tulsa will be closed starting July 13 for construction; there are several portable VMS's & signs mentioning this. There are also orange signs with a map of the downtown Tulsa freeway system on the signs to assist motorists in bypassing I-244
  • The Cimarron Turnpike is not signed at all along U.S. 412. In fact, the only reference to the turnpike name was at the maintenance headquarters for the turnpike near Morrison.
  • Hallett is mis-spelled with one 't' at the toll plaza on U.S. 412 East
  • Clearview has invaded the Cimarron Turnpike; there are very few non-Clearview signs remaining
  • Signs on U.S. 64 & U.S. 412 between OK 48 & I-244 have been replaced since I last drove it in 2004
  • The Cherokee Turnpike (U.S. 412) has no exit numbers
  • U.S. 59 is not fully signed on its duplex with U.S. 412, however, the U.S. 412 & AR 59 duplex just a couple miles to the east is well signed (for Arkansas)
  • The control "city" for I-540 South in Fort Smith is "Oklahoma"
I am also about to update the Picture of the Week on OKRoads.

4 days til we leave for New England!



yetti said...

How was the Cimarron Turnpike signed before US 412 was extended along it? Also, how is the Stillwater spur signed from US 177?

okroads said...

It was simply signed as the Cimarron Turnpike before U.S. 412 was routed onto it.

From U.S. 177, the Stillwater Spur is signed as simply Cimarron Turnpike East.