Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New England Trip Route Plan Part 2

Just 2 days remain until the beginning of the ESKS New England Extravaganza Roadtrip 2K9! This blog will cover what is currently planned for the second half of the roadtrip (July 16-22). Of course, this is subject to change during the trip.

Thursday, July 16:
Sidetrip through northern Maine
I-95 North to U.S. 2
U.S. 2 West to U.S. 1
U.S. 1 North to ME 11
ME 11 South to I-95
I-95 South to Bangor

Friday, July 17:
Sidetrip to Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor
Route TBD

Saturday, July 18:
I-95 South to I-495
I-495 South to I-90
I-90 West to I-84
I-84 West to I-81
I-81 South to wherever we end up

Sunday, July 19:
I-81 South to I-40
I-40 West to wherever we end up

Monday, July 20:
I-40 West to wherever we end up

Tuesday, July 21:
I-40 West to I-44 East
I-44 East to OK 3
(or relax if we get back Monday)

As you can see, there are still many question marks on the last half of the trip. If time permits, we may make a deviation from this route to see more highways, but I don't want to announce anything until it happens. :D

A couple of days in Part One have changed since I blogged that route: I will cover that in the next blog later today...


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