Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Updates + New England trip route

I have just finished writing captions from the June 21, 2009, trip in the OKC & Norman areas. Pictures are included on the following pages:

In other news, the ESKS New England Extravaganza Roadtrip 2K9 will begin in 9 days (almost 8 now). Here is the route that we are planning to take during the first half of the trip (July 10-15); the route for the rest of the trip will be announced later this week.

Friday, July 10:
Kilpatrick Turnpike East to Interstate 44
Interstate 44 East to Interstate 70
Interstate 70 East to Terre Haute or Indianapolis

Saturday, July 11:
Interstate 70 East to Interstate 670
Interstate 670 East to Interstate 71
Interstate 71 North to Interstate 271
Interstate 271 North to Interstate 77
Interstate 77 North to Interstate 90
Interstate 90 East to Buffalo or Rochester, with a sidetrip to Niagara Falls via Interstate 290, Interstate 190, and U.S. 62

Sunday, July 12:
Interstate 90 East to Worcester, MA, with sidetrips to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA, and Webster Lake (also known as Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg)

Monday, July 13:
Sidetrip to Providence, RI & Boston
MA/RI 146 South
I-95 South
I-195 East
MA/RI 24 South
RI 138 West
U.S. 1 South
RI 78 North
I-95 North
I-93 North
I-90 West
We may go to Plymouth if time permits

Tuesday, July 14:
Sidetrip to New Hampshire & Vermont
I-290 East
I-495 North
I-93 North
I-91 North
U.S. 2 West
I-89 South
I-93 South
I-293 South
U.S. 3 South
I-495 South
MA 2 West
I-190 South

Wednesday, July 15:
Interstate 90 East to Interstate 495
Interstate 495 North to Interstate 95
Interstate 95 North to Bangor

Of course, these routes are subject to change as the trip goes along, but this gives an idea of the highways we will be covering on the trip.


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